Hey there,

I'm Shahadat Khokhar

A Developer, Blogger, and an Artist


Mobile Development

  • Android Native
  • React Native
  • Flutter
  • UI Design

Web Development

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Bootstrap

Other Areas

  • Linux
  • Firebase
  • Blogging
  • C++

Recent Projects

intonovus image

Intonovus App

A React-Native App build for the coding club of our institution, with firebase as backend. Including features such as authentication, email verification security, realtime updates, user profile and so much more.

Weather image

Weather App

A Weather App made using React-Native using openWeather Api to fetch Data and modules to get user's current location. With hourly forcast upto 48 hours and a complete week's upcoming forecast.

Blog image

Revisited Life

Revisited Life is a blog about living a great life but from a different perspective. Tackle your problems with a different approach. A self help blog with psychology facts to ease your life.

intonovus image

Flow : Expense Manager

Flow provides a seamless experience by removing all the unnecessary hassle of choosing 10 different things to categorize the expense. Its a one click tool to record where your money goes and comes from.


About Me

Hi, I am Shahadat Khokhar, I'm an undergraduate, pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering. I have interest in programming, psychology, and Art. Skilled in Mobile developement and curious to learning new things. I love writing and reading books.

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